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American Tourister is a popular brand specializing in luggage and travel products. It is recognized for producing durable and appealingly designed suitcases.

The story of American Tourister began in 1933, when Sol Koffler, in Providence, Rhode Island, founded a luggage company by investing his life savings. His dream: a sturdy suitcase for sale for $1.

Since 1993 American Tourister has been part of the Samsonite Group, a union that has taken both brands to new heights.

The brand remains a world leader with a presence in more than 120 countries around the world,offering products with youthful and unique designs characterized by vibrant and easily identifiable colors.

Design is not their only strength,The company always pays attention to innovation and guarantees a very high quality in the materials used.

All these features make American Tourister products the perfect partner for modern travelers looking for functional, functional,reliable travel luggage with perfect price-performance ratio.

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