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The Bridge, a famous brand specializing in the production of high quality leather goods,is renowned for its craftsmanship and use of premium materials.

The company was founded in the late 1960s in Scandicci, Tuscany place where it still continues most of its production. Over the years, The Bridge has been able to maintain its strongly artisanal character, connected to the use of first-grain leather and other fine materials, not neglecting the design and refinement of modeling establishing itself as a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and calssic style.

The collection offers a multiplicity of products;bags, backpacks, small leather goods and gift items of various kinds aimed at an increasingly international clientele.

One of the most beloved aspects by customers is precisely the guarantee of quality that every The bridge product guarantees. Every detail,every stitching is executed with utmost care ensuring timeless durability and appeal.

Like many other luxury brands the company has embraced the policy of sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of its production as much as possible every year.

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